So you are ready to start putting YOU first?

Good job lovely…. YOU honestly deserve it!

Private 1:1 Mentoring to help you create a personalised balance plan that encourages better nutrition, stress reduction and an overall improved quality of life.


 Choose from either a one off session or delve into one of Teressa’s maximum results packages.

These sessions can be intense and will help you get down deep into what is really holding you back.

How I Can Help You :

I specifically assist women who are suffering for depression and anxiety, to help them personalise their journey and create a positive and more fulfilling lifestyle.

My experience come firsthand from my own journey, which means I am extremely passionate about assisting you achieve your personal success.

I can assist you with-

  • Depression and anxiety management
  • Burnout prevention
  • Weight loss
  • Creating balance between family, personal lifestyle and business
  • Nutrition and fitness guidance
  • Holistic wellness


I do this by combing my health and fitness coaching, natural therapy and mindset tools to help you get back on track.

Love your approach Teressa Fisk, your Balanced Entrepreneur Circle helped me to achieve balance and looking back, it started with being mindful of what my body was going through and taking baby steps to tweak different lifestyle choices. <3