On this special ‘ON AIR’ mentoring session, we cover off on a common question…. How can I grow a sustainable business without burning myself out?

This was also the burning question from our guest, The Holistic Tooth Fairy, Meliors Simms.

When we look at growing a sustainable business, I always start off with a few questions to help me get a clearer view on what is or isn’t working.

In this episode we cover off on-

  • Where is your ideal audience
  • What services are you offering in your business
  • Ideas on promoting your business (online and offline)
  • Looking at cross promotion opportunities
  • Being consistent
  • Choosing three tasks a day to avoid burnout


Meliors has honestly got some amazing framework set up already, so now it’s all about being consistent and not giving up.

To find out more about the great services Meliors offers, head to her website at The Holistic Tooth Fairy.

A HUGE thank you to Meliors for joining us this week and giving us a little insight into her business xx


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