Finding the right coach or mentor can sometimes feel like you are shifting through piles of empty promises.

We’ve all seen those social media posts that claim, “I have earned six figures in my first month. Work with me and I’ll show you how too!”. Some of these claims may be true but often they are smoke and mirror to attract you to them based on a dollar figure.

So many things wrong with this tactic – but to be honest I’m pretty sure you know them already 😉

When you are looking for a coach or a mentor, it really comes down to finding someone who is authentic, experienced in the journey that you are embarking on and most of all genuinely aligned with who you are and what you do.

Without these qualities, you may be left with a bad experience, poor results and worst of all, a little out of pocket for your troubles.

Here are some keep points to know when you are looking for the right person-

  1. Look for qualities that you value – Trust, past experience, authentically driven.
  2. Do your research – When you find someone, do your research. Read their blogs, listen to their podcasts or webinars and really, just get a feel of who they are and if they are the right person for you.

If you start to resonate with their passion, you know you are on the right track!

Having a coach or mentor can really help you get off that hamster wheel and start making progress forward. Don’t let one bad experience or others experiences put you off.

Investing in your growth is one of the best ways for success, but time just needs to be taken to ensure you have the right fit to walk along side you on your journey.


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P.S.S. This gorgeous podcast turns 1 year old next week and I am so very blessed and grateful to have had you along for the ride. I can’t wait for more episodes and years to come xxx

With love

Teressa xx

The Balanced Business Mentor