When starting out in our business, we focus on getting the basic framework set up but often overlook the most important of things, such as getting our legals sorted.

This week I am joined by Creative Business Lawyer & Mentor Michelle Marie Whitehead as we chat about some must know points when it comes to legals for your business.

We cover off on-

– Regulations for people in the health industry. e.g. What you can and can’t say.
– Creating product agreements, terms & conditions and privacy policy
– What to look for if you decided to create your own contracts
– Where to find the support you need when you are ready to get professionally covered

I loved this interview with Michelle as we covered off on so many great topics that I wish I had of know when I was just starting out in the health and wellness industry.

You can find out more about Michelle and the way she can help assist you with your legal needs, by heading to her Facebook page.


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