This week I wanted to look over some of our past episode as its always a great way to revise, refocus and inspire our future goals.

Here are some of my favourite to help you get those creative juices going.

Episode 4, we spoke to the amazing Emma Brownson about why your branding is so important for your business.

Episode 6, I spoke about some tips on ways to avoid burn out and start giving yourself some self love.

Episode 7, we spoke to Sleep Maven, Bev Roberts about the connection better quality sleep and managing your anxiety.

Episode 9, I was joined by the amazing Mitle Southey to talk about her own self love journey and how she now assists others on theirs.

Episode 12, we covered off on leveraging your business using Facebook and podcasting, with the gorgeous Katie Wyatt

Episode 17, I was joined by the lovely, Suzanna Broughton who told us all about how our money story could be getting in the way of our success.

Episode 18, was with the charismatic, Andrew Eggelton and we spoke about public speaking, hosting TED talks and the art of play in your business.

Episode 24, is still by far my favourite as it was one of our first ON AIR mentoring sessions with my gorgeous friend Kerrie Holmes. Kerrie and I spoke about the balancing act of running two businesses and also using facebook groups to build your tribe.

I really hope you love this special review and find so great little gems in there that you might not have had a chance to listen to yet.


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