Imagine having a business full of employees who love their job, show up everyday excited to be there, and were always working at their best for you.


Minimal Sick days.

Strong workplace community and ethics.

High productivity and moral.

High creativity.


For most workplaces, this just isn’t the case.

Studies have shown that providing the employees with a high level of support for their personal growth, health and development leads to a happier, healthier and more productive workplace.


My Experience :

At the age of 16 I had my first management job and have worked several management positions since. Ranging from busy city restaurants, small food and retails businesses, as well as a large financial institution.

With over 20 years of corporate business experience, I have seen many different business structures. Some which work amazingly and others that don’t have strong foundations, and end up with a high turn over of staff and a very low staff moral.

My time in management roles and also in my own business has allowed me to develop skills to help businesses start to shape their culture to a more positive and successful framework.

How I do this with :

My experiences has allowed me to try + test different tools and methods to create better systems, assist with gaining clarity and also focus on the overall positive growth of the team.

Not every business is the same, which means that our time together is tailored to your unique needs.

I do this through :

  • Business Consulting –┬áReviewing systems, processes and overall structure to help you come up with an action plan on how to move forward in your business. Plus we look at tools to increase productivity and time management for you the whole team.
  • Lifestyle Coaching – Reviewing personal goals, focusing on wellness, assisting with anxiety and stress management tools.


How we work together :

As I mentioned, every business is different, which is why I like to offer an initial FREE consultant to get us started.

This consult with be around 30 mins and will allow us to get an overview of what needs to be action in the business and also what package may suit your needs best.

Then from here we can really look at tailoring the package to you and arrange for pre payment of your package.

Private Business Consults

These consults are ideal if you are looking to change the culture in your business. We will review your business needs and can start creating a plan to implement within your business.

As these sessions are tailored to your business needs, please contact for a quote.


1 Day Workshop

Balanced Business Blueprint

My 1 day workshop is based on my successful 8 Foundation Steps for created a balanced business and lifestyle. The attendees come away with tools and tips on how to create boundaries, manage stress, be more efficient, mindset, health + movement.


Tailored packages can also be arranged and discussed in our initial meeting.