I’m Teressa Fisk. My journey has been a long one with lots to tell but let’s just say – I’m passionate about integrating business and wellness to create the ultimate lifestyle.


Because I’ve built my business from the ground up and I know first hand the rollercoast ride that come with the experience.

I know what it’s like to spend 98% of your blood, sweat and tears in your business, only to forget about the most important element.


So, I started making it my mission to help educate, encourage and guide others to find the perfect work/life balance, so that you can enjoy your journey, instead of fighting constant overwhelm which eventually leads to burnout.

As a Holistic Business and Lifestyle Mentor, I’m able to help you build your business and nurture yourself along the way by combining my health coaching, 20 years of business knowledge and my first hand experience in the health and wellness industry.

Who I Can Help

  • Holistic Entrepreneurs – Health Coaches, Life Coaches, Holistic Healers, Personal Trainers, Wellness Business Mentors and Coaches.

How I Can Help

  • By assessing your currently lifestyle and helping you tweak certain elements of your nutrition, business and mindset
  • Business strategies for start ups and established businesses
  • Community support through Balanced Entrepreneur Space
  • Stress management guidence using essential oils, health coaching and breathing techniques




  • Certified Holistic Health Coach
  • Certificate 5 in Financial Services
  • Certificate 4 in Small Business Management
  • Doterra Wellness Consultant– Learn more about adding essentials oils to your holisitic business by heading to bit.ly/Relaxmore

Are you looking step into a Holistic Career? Check out IIN and how to become a Wellness Coach!