I’m Teressa Fisk. My super passion is assist you to balance the busy and start creating the lifestyle you have been dreaming of.


Because you deserve to live the life you want and not be a slave to your career or business.

My belief is that it is all about the quality of life…. You know, enjoying moments with your family, creating memories, being the best version of you….. Not just getting to be the top of your company or consumed by your own business.

As a Holistic Balance Mentor, Im able to help you tailor your goals and create your own personal blueprint for success. I do this by combining health coaching, stress management tools and life coaching to help you create a toolbox of strategies to stay on track and be the best version of you.

In both my corporate life and in my own business I have experienced burnout. After like the 100th time, I decided it was time for me to break it all down and start to manage and prevent it from happening again. I’m happy to say that nearly two years on, I am a different person…..Now I want to help you beat the overwhelm too xx

All it takes is baby steps to start creating a new path.

Can’t wait to guide you on your journey xx



Who I Can Help

  • Holistic Entrepreneurs – Health Coaches, Life Coaches, Holistic Healers, Personal Trainers, Wellness Business Mentors and Coaches.

How I Can Help

  • By assessing your currently lifestyle and helping you tweak certain elements of your nutrition, lifestyle and mindset
  • Community support through Your Balanced Hub
  • Stress management guidence using essential oils, health coaching and breathing techniques



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