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I work with women who are struggling with anxiety & depression, by creating a personalised balance plan to encourage better nutrition, stress reduction and an overall improved quality of life.

Love your approach Teressa Fisk, your Balanced Entrepreneur Circle helped me to achieve balance and looking back, it started with being mindful of what my body was going through and taking baby steps to tweak different lifestyle choices. <3


When Teressa released her Balanced Business Circle I was in a space of total overwhelm in regards to my business which I was in two minds about giving up. I felt as though I was too busy and would never have the time to gain momentum to grow my business. The program really helped me to set a structure and find balance in my life. As a full time employee and a single mum of 2, I was using all the excuses in the book to avoid any business activity and reaching a point of burnout trying to do it all. But we all have the same amount of time in the day and there are a lot of others in my position right? It was time to stop playing the victim. The result is that I am now on my way to opening my studio and increasing my client base in my Body Transformation business. The program was easy to follow and provided us with some great tools that we were able to implement straight away. Teressa is knowledgeable and passionate about helping others to find balance in their business. I really enjoyed the zoom calls each week and her cute laugh. To know that she has faced these same issues is proof that the tools work as she has been there before herself. I would highly recommend this program to anyone in need of balance in their life as well as in their business. Thank you Teressa for your support and your friendship