I’m passionate about integrating your personal and professional life as one, so that you can be the best you and have an abundant, fulfilling and successful life.

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I finished my study as a health coach and realised that I didn’t have the skills or knowledge I needed to create a business although the passion was there. I was already running another business and had the audience, but just didn’t know where to start with something I didn’t feel confident about.

Teressa and I started having 1 on 1 skype sessions and after each session I’d feel excited and motivated again instead of just being confused on where to start. Teressa’s background and knowledge really helped me get clarity on where and how to start and made me realise that yes there were a few steps I needed to put into place but that I was completely capable of starting and helping people with something that I am totally passionate about.

If you’ve got the ideas but not the business experience then Teressa can really give you clarity on how to start and how to evolve. We’ve never met but it feels like we’ve always been friends and I really value every session we’ve had together. I’m lucky to have such an awesome coach. Thank you Teressa

Lisa Stokx

Wellness Mentor, Newcastle Yoga Space

Want to be able to offer your clients natural products to help them along on their journey and make a little extra income in your business?